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The Plan B Salvation approach

Some pretty shavings flying off the rout

Here at Plan B Salvation, I do my very best to make unique and well made goods using a variety of wood including reclaimed/salvaged wood, as well as hardwood and exotic wood. My goal is to utilize as much of the material as I possibly can with minimal waste. I love the history behind reclaimed wood and try to keep as much of the character as I can when prepping/cleaning it up for use. When it comes to hardwood and exotics, it's important to let the wood be the focus and showcase the amazing grain patterns and colors that these species provide. Nature is the true designer and I just try to accentuate the incredible features in the wood. My hope is that what I make will live on for many years/generations to come.

Wood Sourcing

Living/working in Portland, OR might make me one of the luckiest woodworkers on the planet. Portland is filled with wonderful places to find both reclaimed wood and exotic/hardwoods. Some of the places I love to get my materials from include: Good Wood, Lovett Deconstruction, Salvage Works, The ReBuilding Center, Reclaim It, Goby Walnut, Crosscut Hardwoods, Mr. Plywood, just to name a few. I am also a member of a tight knit maker community and have access to metalworkers, jewelers, artists, and even have friends who sell slabs of locally downed and milled trees. 

Thanks for the good wood _good_wood_port
A friend found one of my sets out in win
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